Gluten Free Brownie Mix


$ 7.45

SOUGHT-AFTER DESSERT – Delight your family, friends or party guests with the rich blend of all-natural ingredients in this Extra White Gold gluten free brownie mix. The soft chewy texture melts in your mouth with just one bite while the cocoa blend satisfies your sweet tooth.
GLUTEN FREE SOLUTION – Enjoy the rich taste and flavorful blend included in this gluten free brownie mix. This kosher and vegan mix offers you the sweet taste you crave without the gluten.
PRESERVATIVE FREE – Sink your teeth into a warm gluten free brownie after baking with this Extra White Gold brownie mix. This all-natural formula is free from eight allergens, preservatives, soy, dairy and nuts.
TASTY CHOICE – Why spend your money on brownies that have been sitting on the grocery store shelf? Choose a tasty and healthy option with this gluten free brownie mix that features a blend of cocoa powder, rice flour and tapioca flour.
BRINGING BACK THE SAME TEXTURE, AROMA, FLAVOR!– using brownie mix from Extra White Gold. Choose healthy elements when swapping out your old brownie mix with this health-conscious gluten free blend.

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